The best leveling bot on Discord.
Set up custom cards for free, import MEE6 levels, and level up to the stars with Experienced!
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Why experienced?
It's Open Source
Experienced is fully open-source, so you can verify that it doesn't collect your data or the data of the users in your server. Even if you don't trust that, you can check the "Data Access" section of the bot's Discord profile and note the lack of "Read Messages". You can even host your own instance for added security and peace of mind. Join our discord if you need help!
There Are No Paywalls
Experienced is run by a single person and is written to make use of its resources as efficiently as possible. This allows it to easily be funded out of pocket- but donations are greatly appreciated. You can donate via GitHub sponsors, of which 100% will go to funding bot hosting and development. Many features locked behind paywalls in other bots, such as automated role assignment and card customization, are absolutely free in experienced.
It's Super Customizable
Experienced is designed for customizability. You control every aspect of your rank card, from the font to the layout and color of the progress bar. Create custom cards with ease, or copy them from your friends with the card fetch command. Control is everything, and experienced gives you as much as possible.